Student Intervention Reintegration Program (SIRP) Providing skills and empowering youth to make informed decisions

SIRP is a 12-hour educational program for youth who have experimented with alcohol and/or other drugs. There are three components of the program— student, parent, and community engagement—that work together to achieve attitude and behavior changes, resulting in lower risk choices by participants.

Students freely engage in a comfortable environment where thoughts, feelings, opinions and self-reflection are encouraged. Students will discover the impact of their environment, friends, values and personal choice have on their future. They will be introduced to new beliefs designed to elicit positive change and encourage risk reduction.

After taking the class, participants indicated

  • Increased understanding the effects of alcohol/other drugs
  • Increased awareness of personal risk
  • Increased ability to identify personal values surrounding use
  • Increased motivation and intent to reduce use
  • High participant satisfaction


SIRP is available to ALL Maine youth 13-18 years old at no cost! Anyone can refer to the program! The new referral system is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere the internet is available. To refer a youth to the program visit:

SIRP has evolved to meet the public health needs by offering Virtual Classes for those impacted by COVID-19, rural isolation, lack of transportation, etc.  Our goal is that every youth that would benefit from SIRP has the opportunity to participate either in-person or virtually. To participate in a Virtual SIRP class, students must meet ALL the requirements

Virtual SIRP Requirements:

  • Stable wi-fi connection
  • Computer or Phone that supports Zoom with a working camera
  • Camera must be on for the duration of the entire class unless otherwise instructed by the instructor
  • Have a power source for phone or computer- Zoom will drain the battery
  • A private location to participate in the class or headphones to protect your confidentiality
  • and the other students participating.
  • Attend all sessions, partial credit is not offered
  • Have a notebook and pen available to take notes
  • Do not share any content shared or discussed in this class by other students
  • If you need confirmation of attending this class, sign a consent to release information to Schools, parents, JCCOs, etc.

To learn more about the program contact Holly Kiidli at

Visit the SIRP website at:

Download the program flyer.