Our website is completely redesigned to better serve you

We’re thrilled to bring you our brand new website! Explore the colorful, engaging new look-and-feel of adcareme.org. We’ve designed it to support your work in addressing the prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery of substance use disorders, behavioral health, and related public health issues.

The top 5 greatest things about the new website:

1. Easy-to-use training and events calendars
2. Colorful, engaging new look
3. A depth of resources to discover
4. Unified identity – find what you need more easily
5. Guidance for professionals – whether you’re a veteran in the field, making a shift within the field, or just getting started!

P.S. Our website was designed by the AdCare Maine team. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you think. Write us at adcare@adcareme.org.

Website Launch